Security, in Numbers II

Posted by Alf Norris (Conseal USB Lead Developer), 27 Jul 2012
In numbers:
£500,000maximum fine for data breaches from the ICO
70%number of businesses which have traced the loss of sensitive or confidential information to USB flash memory sticks in the past two years
81%risk of data breaches to small businesses (compared to 75% of large organisations)
35%breaches caused through loss of mobile devices (the top cause of breaches)
> 50%small organisations which don't use encryption and have no systems in place to protect against data loss
Zeroof 50 analysed USB sticks lost on trains, the number which were encrypted

Security, in Numbers I

Posted by Alf Norris (Conseal USB Lead Developer), 12 Jul 2012
In numbers:
17,000number of USB sticks found in the UK - by dry cleaners alone.
36%proportion of data breaches caused by employee negligence (for example lost USB sticks) in 2012
68%the rise in costs of data breaches to UK businesses over the last 5 years
£79average cost per compromised record in a data breach last year
£1.75mthe average cost of a data breach to UK organisations last year
£780,000cost of data breaches to UK firms last year - in lost revenue alone