New Windows flaw allows hackers control of your computer

Posted by Alf Norris (Conseal USB Lead Developer), 21 Dec 2012
A very significant new flaw in all versions of Windows allows hackers complete control over your computer if you visit an infected website or open a document. The flaw is fixed in KB2783534 which is currently on Windows Update.

This has vast damage potential, and we're not sure why it isn't receiving more media attention. The flaw exists in the way that fonts are opened and displayed - so in any situation where hackers can get your computer to display a custom font, they can take control over your system. This includes just visiting a web page for example.

This is uniquely damaging because it's software-independent. It would apply regardless of the browser you are using, as presumably they all use Windows' own mechanisms for loading and displaying fonts.

We advise all customers to ensure they have the latest OS patches.


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